Alberta is one of the provinces in Canada and was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta - Her Royal Highness The Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll.
Louise Caroline Alberta (18 March 1848-3 December 1893) was a member of the British Royal Family and Canadian Vice Regal Consort, the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.
In 1977 the children of the province Alberta were asked by the provincial government to select a bird to represent the province.
As the result of a province-wide vote, they selected the Great Horned Owl as Alberta's Provincial Bird on May 3, 1977.
The Great Horned Owl is a year-round resident found throughout the province. This bird symbolizes our concern for the future of wildlife.
As our Provincial Bird, the Great Horned Owl should remind all Albertans to manage wildlife wisely.
Great Owl Renovations Inc.
was named after the Great Horned Owl.



You feel safe and protected, because you deal directly with an insured, licensed, bonded, WCB, BBB member. With 50+ years of collective renovating expertise Great Owl Renovations team brings creative, functional & affordable design solution that fits your lifestyle & preferences by offering custom renovation service.
You have our written guarantee for the labour and materials that we supply for your project. You spend money wisely with our direct pricing. Complementary in-home measurements & estimates with every job as well as variety of bonuses after completion of the work. Your project will be complete by reliable, stylish and yet affordable independent general contractor, no middle man interfacing, we have our loyal subcontractors in our team.
You benefit from our competitive prices for jobs of outstanding quality. You enjoy the work beautifully fitted to your exact specifications, budget and your excellent taste and will discover balance & style for every room in your home.
We have schedule for each project and will make sure that all the plans are implemented on schedule and within budget .You dream - we estimate, design, & work hard to make the end result breath taking. You will be proud to donate and we will make sure it’s tax deductible! Everything that you do not need to keep in your home after renovation project is complete, we will donate to Habitat for Humanity Calgary ReStore and you will get tax write off receipt on your name sent to your home.


Respect, respect, respect! We keep you informed. We're not promising to be in two places at once. We will send you an E-mail notification if any of our plans will change, so there will be no misunderstanding. You also will get e-mail updates on you jobs' progress. If me made a mistake, we will do everything to correct it.
We really appreciate all your comments. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" in custom renovation. We offer full turnkey operations when it comes to complete custom home improvements, remodeling and renovation projects. Our designs are uniquely geared for your specific needs and tastes. Tired of "the cheapest offers" from the contractor with the "red tail" insurance and "cash deal"? Then you are in the right place. Our team delivers a consistent, outstanding customer experience.
We are not telling you that there will be no times when something will go wrong: or materials came too late, or your design does not perfectly fit into your existing kitchen or basement, or any other unpredictable reason...
What we are saying, that you can relay on us. We will be there for you and will make sure that your renovation project is under control and you get the quality workmanship and hassle-free renovation process. Imagine starting your day in a space design just for you. You created your own masterpiece and we made it happen. Why? Simply because it is all about you... Come to ancor with Great Owl Renovations Inc. and make you home your favorite destination!



Company Principal

Yelena is a highly organized and detail-oriented professional. Her professional experience includes Project Management, Interior Decorating, Accounting, Professional Chef, Administration, Organization, Marketing and Communications, Client Relations, Office Management. Her diploma with highest honor in Interior Decorating, diploma with Honor as professional Chef and diploma in Accounting & Finance is the real benefit for the company and give our clients the opportunity to create functional & affordable design solution for every space in their dream home.
Yelena is assisting in the selections of finishes, fixtures and designs for all our renovation and remodeling projects. She communicates with clients and suppliers by phone & email, handles all our production and design meetings, office administration and projects accounting.
When time allows, Yelena enjoys spending her personal time reading and collecting antiques. Antiques and flea market finds have become so popular in decorating, this is why Yelena has the great opportunity to introduce some of her antique pieces into the company’s design products, offered to our clients. If you like shabby chic decorating, the ideas are endless. Yelena’s passion for antiques helps Great Owl Renovations clients to create timeless elegant interior by using unique and antique pieces in their homes. Being able to incorporate her love of antiquing into her job is a perk for Yelena.
Yelena’s professional affiliations include Certified Interior Decorators International.


Company Principal

A graduate of SAIT, Calgary with a certificates for Cabinet Making, Decks & Fences, Alex has over 25 years of construction and remodeling experience. Especially, Alex loves to work with natural stone and wood.
Alex is punctual and courteous. He not only facilitates the work, he physically works on each project as if it were his own. Alex personally is on site every day to work and monitor the team workmanship, for each appliance delivery, and to take care of every detail. His troubleshooting skills saved a lot of our clients from unnecessary expenses.
Alex always provides customers with creative ideas to improve the look and function of their home, keeps a very neat and organized work site and makes sure that project is very well done, on time and on budget. His workmanship, designing capabilities, honesty and attention to minute details are impressive and the end results have proven to be a first class renovations.
Alex likes to spend his personal time reading history books. He has passion for wood burning art and enjoys making amazing art work. He loves to play hockey and played for the home town team in the past.